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The Compton Initiative among 'Renewal Awards' finalists

A Paramount, Calif.-based nonprofit on a 40-year mission to restore the nearby city of Compton is one of 15 finalists in the U.S. selected in The Atlantic and Allstate's "The Renewal Awards," according to a recent press release.

Chino Valley network administrator praises progress of EducationSuperHighway's high-speed internet access campaign

EducationSuperHighway, an organization dedicated to upgrading students' internet access in all of America's classrooms, continues to face implementation-related challenges, but the movement is gaining momentum.

Investors -- not consumers -- will benefit from proposed Sempra restructuring, advocacy groups says

The Utility Reform Network (TURN) said a recent proposal to restructure San Diego-based Sempra Energy is a solution for investors, not consumers.

Earthjustice attorney says Sempra Energy proposal overlooks California's decarbonization policies

A San Francisco attorney said a recent proposal by two major investors to restructure Sempra Energy needs overhauling itself.

San Diego attorney believes it's time for 'more accountable form of management' for Sempra Energy

A longtime California attorney said a recent proposal to restructure San Diego-based Sempra Energy is a seemingly necessary move.

Presentation lays out proposed restructuring of Sempra Energy

Elliott Management and Bluescape Resources, both shareholders in Sempra Energy, have urged Sempra's board and CEO Jeff Martin to take up a two-step plan for the natural gas utilities holding the company's future.

Sempra Energy would benefit from 6 new directors and review committee, stockholders say

Customers, employees and others would benefit from a proposal by two large shareholders in San Diego-based Sempra Energy for a board refresh and strategic review committee in what arguably is using California ratepayer money to invest in non-California business, proponents said earlier today.

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